Welcome to my website! My name is Scott Mainprize and I hope you have come here looking for information on my debut novel, A Waking Life: As I Leave Myself, Fear and Death Behind!

A Waking Life is the story of Nomad Truestar's journey through the darkness of a single night. After his appendix ruptures, he wakes to the hollow nothingness of isolation. Not knowing whether he will live or die, Truestar begins the quest of confronting the meaning woven into his fragmented life. With the help of a curious quartet of guides, including a wild cat, an Arctic wolf and the woman he believes to be Death, Truestar travels through time and beyond the space he appears confined to, in an exploration of the perceived self, the connected universe and even death. Will he find the Borealis that exists within the darkness itself, before the night is over? 

What transpires is a journey meant to reawaken the human spirit to the possibilities that exist within each of us, regardless of where we are in life.